On International Blind Dog Day, here are some helpful tips for taking care of your dog who can't see well.

Even if dogs can’t see well, they can still have happy and meaningful lives when we give them time, care, and love.

Making sure your dog with visually impaired dog has friends is really important. Being around others can add more happiness and excitement to their life.

Pets make us happy no matter if they have challenges with their bodies. Dogs that can’t see well can learn to move around easily and use tools to make their life better. For example, dogs that can’t see like to hear and smell things. They feel really good when they hear you talking. It’s nice to be with them a lot. You can also let them smell different things to make their senses stronger. Teaching them to find things using their nose can be super fun for these special dogs.

To make your dog feel safe, you can move furniture to make room, but try not to move chairs and tables a lot. Also, it’s good for your dog to have friends, so they can have more fun and happiness in their life.

“On International Blind Dog Day, we celebrate dogs that are blind and admire their strength and bravery. Even if they can’t see like other dogs, they can still love us and make us happy. But having a blind dog means we need to take special care of them. Dr. Sanjiv Rajadhyaksha, who is a doctor for animals, says, ‘Here’s some advice to help your blind dog feel comfortable, safe, and happy.'”

Here are some helpful ideas:

  • Make a Safe Place

Try not to move your furniture around a lot at home. Your dog needs a steady place to remember and move around. Also, keep sharp things and open stairs safe by covering or protecting them.

  • Paths Your Dog Can Feel

You can put different kinds of rugs or mats in different parts of your house. Your dog can feel these with their paws and use them to find their bed or food bowl.

  • Use Sounds and Smells

Toys that make noise can be fun for dogs that can’t see. Smells are helpful too. For instance, putting a special smell near the door can help them know when to go in or out.

  • Talk to Your Dog

Your voice is like a guide for your blind dog. Talk to them a lot, especially when you’re near, so they don’t get scared. Use simple words like “stop” or “stairs” to tell them what’s happening.

  • Teaching is Really Important

You can use special ways to teach dogs that can’t see. You can use a clicker or touch signals to help them learn. Giving them treats when they do well helps them feel good and become more confident in moving around.

  • Using a Leash and Special Harness

When you take your dog for a walk, a leash with “Blind Dog” written on it can tell others about your dog’s special needs. Make sure to guide your dog away from things that could be dangerous, while holding onto the leash.

  • Being Friends with Others

Dogs that can’t see might feel more worried in new situations. Help them get used to new places and other animals slowly so they feel better. Sometimes, having a calm dog friend can help them feel safe and happy.

  • It’s really important to regularly take your dog to the vet for check-ups.

Take care of your dog’s hearing and sense of smell. When one sense isn’t working well, the others become even better.

Most importantly, remember that dogs who can’t see need love and comfort to be okay, just like other pets. Be with them to make them feel safe and happy. Even though dogs that can’t see might find some things hard, they can still have a good life with time, care, and love. On International Blind Dog Day, let’s tell everyone and see how amazing our furry blind friends are,” Dr. Rajadhyaksha says.

Image by David Will from Pixabay

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