Elon Musk Isn’t Really Into Cage Fights, Time to Move On, Says Mark Zuckerberg

Elon Musk reached out to the head of Meta, mentioning his upcoming visit to Palo Alto, the location of Meta’s headquarters. He proposed the intriguing possibility of holding their anticipated fight within Mark Zuckerberg’s Octagon, an eight-sided ring typically used for cage fights.

In his message, Musk revealed that his training efforts had been limited, sharing that he had engaged in a brief sparring session with computer scientist and podcast host Lex Fridman. Despite acknowledging the significant difference in size between him and Zuckerberg, Musk playfully speculated that perhaps Zuckerberg possessed untapped martial arts prowess, comparing him to the legendary Bruce Lee.

It’s noteworthy that Elon Musk, aged 52, and Mark Zuckerberg, aged 39, are both prominent figures in the technology industry, renowned for their immense wealth and influential contributions.

This unique proposal for a face-off originated in June when Elon Musk made a Twitter post expressing his willingness to participate in a cage fight with Mark Zuckerberg. Responding in a rather concise yet intriguing manner, the Meta CEO, who is known for his background in mixed martial arts (MMA) training and recent victories in jiu-jitsu tournaments, simply replied with “send me location,” indicating his openness to the idea.

In summary, Elon Musk’s message to Mark Zuckerberg highlights the unconventional nature of their potential showdown, taking place within the symbolic Octagon. The casual exchange of challenges and responses has fueled curiosity and anticipation among their massive following, piquing interest in the intriguing prospect of these two tech magnates stepping into the spotlight for a physical confrontation.

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